What to Pack


  • Toiletries (incl sunscreen)

  • Socks & underwear

  • Sunglasses

  • Tote or backpack (bonus points for fanny packs)

  • PJs for the bunk (yes to A/C; no to heat. Shouldn't be too chilly, just if you know you are temp-sensitive, pack warmer just in case)


  • Comfy clothes for traveling & hanging at camp

  • For BBQ dinner: smart casual

    • For Men: denim, chinos or suit pants with a button-down shirt or dressed-up T-shirt; no ties necessary

    • For Women: dress, pants, jumpsuit; dress-up jeans OK, too. Go with block heels, wedges or flats; no stilettos, unless you think it sounds fun to sink in camp’s green grass!

  • Layers for the evening


  • Workout clothes

  • Sneakers

  • Golf clubs if you want to play on the 9-hole course (or in the morning golf tournament)

  • Athleisure or comfy casual clothes to play all day

  • Bathing suit

    • If you're staying at camp, towels await​! If not, BYO.

  • Sandals​

  • Wedding outfit: Summer formal

    • For Men: 

      • Yes to suits and jackets

      • Yes to ties

      • No to tuxes, jeans, khakis

      • No to sneakers, please!

    • For Women:

      • Yes to cocktail dresses or long dresses (whatever works for you!)

      • Yes to jumpsuits

      • No to jeans

      • No to stilettos 

      • Yes to wedges, block heels, nice flats

  • You may want to consider: comfy clothes for the after-party


  • Casual outfit for brunch & travel home

If you're

staying at


We've got you covered for...​​

  • Sheets

  • Blanket

  • Pillow

  • Towel: 2 (1 for pool, 1 for shower) + 1 washcloth

Bring anything special you know you don't like to sleep without. I.e. Need extra pillows? Bring 'em!

More to consider:


Please know:

YOU are the gift, but for those who prefer it, we have a registry at Zola.com.